Buying a bed frame is important, and must never be done on impulse. The bed frame most often takes up maximum space in the bedroom and also plays a vital role in deciding how well you sleep. A bed frame can make or break the look of your room; it can even be an excellent source of storage space. Consider the following points before investing in one:

Quality: The quality of the bed frame is non-negotiable. Simply because, it is not practical to change your bed frames often. Always opt for a top quality base bed frames, as sleeping on a rickety bed is impossible. You might go easy on the accessorizing, your bed frame can be simple in looks but the quality needs to be the best.

Your personal choice: Since you will be spending an important chunk of time on it, it is nice to buy a bed frame that you like. You could choose a cosy big wooden bed frame or even a minimalist metal bed frame depending on what you like. You can also add quilts, cushions, pillows to give it a warm and cosy feel.

The size of the room: This is crucial; you cannot have a huge bed frame that appears suffocating in the room. You can lay down the mattress and check approximately how much space the bed will take up. Choose a bed frame with storage space to free up clutter from the rooms too. One must be practical while choosing a frame, considering how the bed will pass through the door frame of your house? Can it be reassembled?

The size of the mattress: If you already have a mattress that you are most comfortable on, then the size of your bed frame must match that. You cannot sleep on a bed frame with mattress too big or too small for the frame. Best is to measure the mattress and choose a corresponding bed frame.