LED lights that are actually Light Emitting Diodes, in the recent past have become a household favorite. Some of the main reasons for this are the fact that they consume far less energy as compared to conventional tube lights and bulbs. Yet another advantage of these lights is the fact that the light is far brighter than bulbs. So, it basically is a win-win selection.

If you are choosing LED lights for your home, here are a few pointers that you could keep in mind. You can also check out the best LED Grow lights for your home right here.

Judge LED lights by Lumen and not Watts

These lights do not use electricity but use only a fraction of its charge to light up, and so it cannot be judged on Watts. A better way to know more about lights is by checking its lumen. So when you look at a light with 800 lumens, it is as bright as a 60-watt bulb.

Choose according to color temperature

The brightness of LED bulbs can be measured according to Kelvin. When the Kelvin is low, the light is warmer which means it has a yellowish hue, and a higher Kelvin means a brighter and cooler light that is closer to whitish or even blue finish.

Check your sockets before buying LED replacements

Most LED bulbs are made such that they can fit unconventional sockets without any hassle. However, it is best to check the sockets before making the purchase in case your socket is way too outdated or in case the LED light bulb has any different requirements.

Don’t miss the Smart features in the LED lights

We are now in an age where there also is an option called; Smart LED’ lights. These can actually function in sync with a mobile app. Undoubtedly the cost of such lights are higher but are a great way to add convenience.