Spending time when you are all alone at home becomes difficult especially when you have come from an environment which had people all the time around you or been busy working most of the time. If you have kids at home you will not have a track of how the time has passed but again as long as they are toddlers and not going to school you will have plenty of work to do with them but what if they are off to school the whole day. In this case, you will be bored to death and many people keep asking questions like how do you spend time when you are alone?How do you pass time? There are a lot of things you can do when you have spare time like, you can take up a long-lost hobby or learn something you have never learned before. If you are a bookworm start reading new books. Here are a few things you might find interesting things to do when bored

  • To pass time you can start making a list of things you like to do like a bucket list. List out the things you really want to achieve before you become old. Or you must have already enlisted the goals you want to achieve, start adding new goals if you have any. Next part is to think how you can achieve these goals and start doing it.
  • Start organizing your wardrobe and kitchen cupboards. You can be creative and start making DIY life hacks to arrange clothes and utensils.
  • If you already have a hobby start implementing it like if you like cooking make some delicious dishes and sell it to your neighbors. You might be good at stitching start stitching classes or you might be good at dancing start taking dance classes.
  • Pamper yourself by giving a makeover to your hair, face, nails. Give yourself to hair spa or a facial.