Kid’s safety is of prime importance to every parent. If you want your child to play out in the garden, among the plants and flowers, rather than being glued to the ipads then the garden is the ideal place to let your child lose. Then you need a garden that is safe your kids as far as possible while they are playing.

Tips to make your garden safe for your kids:

  1. Childproof the garden: Even if your child is small, childproof the garden with reliable, high-quality fence that can protect your child. Keep an eye on it even as the child grows. Fortify all the gates with locks to secure it. This is the best way to protect your child.
  2. Protect your child from the sun: While the child loves playing in the garden and pool it is required to be sun protective when leaving the little one outside playing. Using generous sunscreen on all the exposed parts of the body and covering the body with loose fitting long sleeved cotton clothing will keep the child sun safe. A good baby tent, a wide brim hat and advising them to play under the shade of trees can also protect the child from the sun while out in the garden.
  3. Keep sharps, thorns away: Sharps and thorns pose a threat to the baby. It is advised to keep them away. These can rip through the child’s skin and cause pain and also leave the child bleeding. It is advised to rip of the thorny plants or keep that area cordoned so that children are safe.

Even with all possible precautions, always keep an eye on your child. Do not let your child be alone in the garden. Supervise and educate the child regarding safety in the garden.