Avoid The Top Power Inverter Mistakes

Power inverters convert battery power to household power in the absence of regular electricity. There are two basic types of inverters.  When power is needed to run items such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and light bulbs, then a Modified Sine Wave Inverter is used. On the other hand, for using electronic goods like TVs, computers etc., a Pure Sine Wave Inverter is used.

Inverters typically keep getting charged when the power is working and, will switch on automatically when the power is cut for any reason. They can help run and operate all the essential electric and electronic equipment and gadgets in the absence of power. This can be at home or outside. Some mistakes made during buying a suitable inverter or its installation may impede its functioning.

The connecting wires from the inverter to the battery and source of power should not be very long as someone may trip and injure himself. The wires may be pulled out as well and damage the circuit or cause a shock to anyone. The inverter wire should be short and close to the source of power and battery. The correct cable should be sued to ensure that the inverter does not trip due to overload.If the quality of the cable is not up to the mark then the inverter may trip and shutdown, when there is too much demand for it. For example, at a time of power outage the fridge, microwave and washing machine, all might need support and the inverter should not trip. It should have a circuit breaker to ensure that in case of tripping it can be immediately started back.

The location and placement of inverter are equally important. The area should be free of clutter. It should be large enough to allow free circulation of air. With continuous use, the temperature may become high and the battery should have some open space around for air circulation that will keep it cool.

The battery and inverter should be prevented from exposure to corrosive substances, like heat, water, sea breeze, battery fluid etc. Only specially created, good quality inverters will have good material that may withstand continuous use even under harsh conditions.

Some homes and places may not have enough available space for an inverter. Then people try to keep it in any area available. Mounting it in a narrow space, near other hazardous machines or liquids is a dangerous idea. Similarly, instead of the vertical position, keeping it slanted or at an uneven angle may also prove to be a bad idea.

When you buy an inverter look for all the possible uses that it may have to support and buy a powerful inverter. Then follow all the instructions meticulously to avoid any mistakes that might cost you, dear. You can check invertero.com for further information.