Get notified when there is an intruder at you doorstep

The first point where an intruder or burglar will try to enter your home is either through a window that has been unintentionally left open or by trying to break open the lock of your main door. The front door of a home is the most vulnerable area of entry into your house. Sometimes, professional thieves, always keep a watch on homes they intend breaking into. They know At exactly what time the working members of the house leave home and what time they get back. They know if there is only an old adult who stays at home all day long or grown-up children are at home for a couple of hours. They plan their break-ins accordingly.

To protect people at home from such dangerous intruders checking who is at the door is extremely important before it is opened. There are several options which can make this possible. One can install a security camera at the entrance near the front door at a strategic location where one can easily see if sometime is at the door and trying to tamper the locks or it’s an unknown person who you are not expecting. This security camera will make your house safe by notifying you and then you can see who is your doorstep and help you raise an alarm quickly.

Along with installing security cameras to help notify you when there is a stranger or a possible intruder at the doorstep, it is always a good idea to have a double locking system with tough and sturdy locks which one cannot easily break open. Also installing an alarm system which is connected to a monitoring center is also a good idea as this can bring you immediate help in the case of any serious or untoward situation.

Keeping your home protected is very important so that one can spend tension free moments even while you are away.

Fun Ways To Make Your Room Lighter

If you have a house that does not let in natural light all too naturally, you might be in for some trouble. Doing anything and everything will require extra effort and more energy costs because the lights will always have to be switched on before turning a paper or a new leaf of a book. There is not much you can do to increase the amount of light that enters your room, especially if you are not really looking at remodelling.

However, there are certain fun ways to make your room look lit up with natural light even if it isn’t much. Listed below are the fun ways:

  1. Placing Mirrors

When you place a mirror opposite one of your windows or adjacent to one of your windows, the mirror will basically imitate your window and make it seem like you have a lot more windows on your wall. If you place the mirror opposite to a window, it will reflect the views and the light that comes in from the window.

  1. Adding reflective surfaces

There are reflective surfaces that you could resort to in order to make your room brighter and more lit-up. A glass backsplash that is painted on the back has the potential to bounce off light from its surface and create the impression of light even when the number of windows is restricted.

  1. Letting the light enter

Avoid window treatments that block the light. Translucent shades are much more beautiful and they allow a lot more light to enter into the rooms.

  1. Double-glazing your windows

Double-glazing your windows will not only save energy but also make your room look lit up. it will reduce messy condensation drastically and it will also make your windows tougher and fire-resistant. Energy-efficient double-glazing in Edinburgh is not very much possible and there are a number of companies that make it happen.


Buying a bed frame is important, and must never be done on impulse. The bed frame most often takes up maximum space in the bedroom and also plays a vital role in deciding how well you sleep. A bed frame can make or break the look of your room; it can even be an excellent source of storage space. Consider the following points before investing in one:

Quality: The quality of the bed frame is non-negotiable. Simply because, it is not practical to change your bed frames often. Always opt for a top quality base bed frames, as sleeping on a rickety bed is impossible. You might go easy on the accessorizing, your bed frame can be simple in looks but the quality needs to be the best.

Your personal choice: Since you will be spending an important chunk of time on it, it is nice to buy a bed frame that you like. You could choose a cosy big wooden bed frame or even a minimalist metal bed frame depending on what you like. You can also add quilts, cushions, pillows to give it a warm and cosy feel.

The size of the room: This is crucial; you cannot have a huge bed frame that appears suffocating in the room. You can lay down the mattress and check approximately how much space the bed will take up. Choose a bed frame with storage space to free up clutter from the rooms too. One must be practical while choosing a frame, considering how the bed will pass through the door frame of your house? Can it be reassembled?

The size of the mattress: If you already have a mattress that you are most comfortable on, then the size of your bed frame must match that. You cannot sleep on a bed frame with mattress too big or too small for the frame. Best is to measure the mattress and choose a corresponding bed frame.